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Expensive Bow Ties

We offer luxury bow ties for men online. We create exclusive bow ties similar to our upscale silk tie collection. We are adding luxurious bow ties and handkerchiefs all the time. We send our beautiful striped bow ties WORLDWIDE.

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In time we aim to compete well with the best bow tie brands with a large collection of very expensive bow ties and handkerchiefs.

We are putting a quirky twist on the traditional style, we have created a colourful and bold range of expensive bow ties, and all without losing that air of sophistication and style. We offer luxury bow ties that will bring an air of sophistication and style to your wardrobe. We are one of the best bow tie stores in the world for men who want the expensive bow ties and handkerchiefs.

Stripe Bow Ties & Handkerchiefs

Our stripe bow tie and handkerchiefs are made with the finest repp weave,

our beautiful bow ties are made with luxurious 100% silk. Dress up your casual outfit or add some fun to your evening attire with our expensive bow ties and handkerchiefs.

We have many customers who have bought our mens bow ties in Australia New Zealand Canada South Africa Singapore Hong Kong USA and UK, we are able to dispatch our designs worldwide for free and it arrive quite fast considering the distance involved so please do not hesitate in buying our expensive bow ties and handkerchiefs.

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