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Luxurious Bow Ties

Luxurious bow ties & handkerchief for weddings. Beautiful bow ties for groomsmen. The finest bow ties for the best man. expensive bow ties for businessmen. luxury bow ties for special occasions. We make the finest bow ties in silk and will be adding new designs all the time similar to our beautiful necktie collection.


( $49.00 US about £39 GB - €45 EURO ) INCLUDING DELIVERY WORLDWIDE.)


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We offer luxurious silk bow ties which are a particular favourite with men from around the world. The rich colour in all our silk bow ties give a sense of power which can be hard to find in your everyday main street store.

Silk Bow Ties & Handkerchiefs

Though We are not suggesting you wear something too ostentatious, just a little power in the rich colour silk bow ties we offer. We believe our silk bow ties are a good starting off point with a well cut suit and white shirt before you gradually progress with your new found style.

With increased sales, We have expanded the range of our silk bow ties. We pride ourselves by providing the best quality product possible, therefore when your silk bow tie arrives you'll will immediately notice the high quality material used and attention to all the luxurious details.

luxurious bow ties handkerchiefs



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Luxurious Bow Ties



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