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Quality Bow Ties

We send our beautiful bow ties for Weddings. We are building a luxury bow tie collection online, we are constantly adding new designs which are similar to our expensive silk ties.


( $49.00 US about £39 GB - €45 EURO ) INCLUDING DELIVERY WORLDWIDE.)


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These polka dot bow ties are a perfect example of our powerful quality designs.

We make the most intricate designs that really get NOTICED! which creates some of the most powerful bow ties and handkerchiefs.

The luxury fabrics and patterns are designed in London to retain a classic English look with rich strong colours infused into them. We work hard to create bow ties using the finest silk. Virtually everyday we get an email regarding the exceptional quality of our beautiful polka dot bot bow ties.


Polka Dot Bow Ties & Handkerchiefs

Our amazing bow ties are probably better quality than almost all other beautiful bow ties online for executives.

The right people will always notice a man wearing a well made suit and one of our quality bow ties & handkerchiefs. We want to create exclusive polka dot bow ties with richer colours and offer them at a more reasonable price than other luxury bow ties & handkerchiefs.

Each of our colourful polka dot bow ties is very carefully handmade using the best stiching labeling and pressing. We have a lot of repeat customers in UK Australia New Zealand Singapore Hong Kong Canada USA who like our quality bow ties & handkerchiefs.

 quality bow ties handkerchiefs



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Quality Bow Ties



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