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Colourful & Vivid Bow Ties

This is a small selection of our luxury bow ties in silk. We are slowly creating a fine collection similar to our high end ties. We sell the colorful & vivid bow ties and handkerchiefs on SALE WORLDWIDE.


( $49.00 US about £39 GB - €45 EURO ) INCLUDING DELIVERY WORLDWIDE.)


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We want to keep everything as creative and simple to use as possible to understand for you to enjoy your experience browsing through the best bow tie store online. We send bow ties in Australia Canada New Zealand Singapore Hong Kong and Europe. Every one of our designs is crafted by hand using the finest materials in our colorful & vivid bow ties and handkerchiefs

Plaid Bow Ties & Handkerchiefs

Almost half of our business comes from women buying our colorful & vivid bow ties and handkerchiefs as a gift or for their wedding.

We are always creating the most amazing new designs and many companies and individuals from around the world buy our beautiful creations for VIPs and expensive corporate gifts. We want to work hard to offer our luxury bow ties similar to Harrods who have a very good collection of colorful & vivid bow ties and handkerchiefs.

 colourful & vivid bow ties handkerchiefs



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