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Upmarket Bow Ties & Handkerchiefs

Upmarket bow ties in paisley on Sale. We sell the best bow ties for WORLDWIDE DELIVERY. We make exclusive bow ties in paisley for businessmen. We are slowly creating an luxury bow tie collection which will be of similar size to our beautiful tie designs.


( $49.00 US about £39 GB - €45 EURO ) INCLUDING DELIVERY WORLDWIDE.)

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Our upmarket bow ties and handkerchiefs are much sought after by top CEO business men, Lawyers, Accountants, and for very high class weddings. We keep our ideas fresh and limit the amount per design that are available worldwide of our upmarket bow ties and handkerchiefs.

Paisley Bow Ties & Handkerchiefs

We limit the amount of our paisley bow ties per design to keep our collection desirable. We have one of the best selections of upmarket bow ties and handkerchiefs.

By creating the best paisley bow ties we hope soon to be one of the best tie companies like Armani bow ties. Our designs have the finest colours and be promoted at a very reasonable price. Each of our designs is crafted by hand using the finest materials to create our upmarket bow ties and handkerchiefs.

 upmarket bow ties handkerchiefs



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