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We are building a fabulous bow tie collection online, we are constantly adding new designs which are similar to our expensive silk ties.


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Polka Dot Bow Ties and Pocket Squares

George Neale offer fabulous bow ties and pocket squares which are a particular favourite with men from around the world.

The fabulous colour in all our polka dot bow ties give a sense of power which can be hard to find in your everyday main street store.

Most bow ties available there tend to be average quality or generic and do not have that luxurious feel like our fabulous bow ties and pocket squares.

Over the past months, our fabulous bow ties and pocket squares have become a popular purchase not just from men but from women buying them too for their other half or as a gift.

Most men choose either a stripe or solid color bow tie for executive meetings. This is predictable and very safe; it often leads them fading into the background.

Though George Neale is not suggesting you wear something too powerful, just a little stronger design like our bow ties and pocket squares in polka dots. We believe our bow ties are a good starting off point with a well cut suit and white shirt before you gradually progress with your new found fashion sense.

With increased sales, George Neale have expanded the range of our fabulous bow ties and pocket squares. George Neale pride ourselves by providing the best quality product possible, therefore when your bow tie and pocket square arrives you'll will immediately notice the finest quality materials used and attention to all the sumptuous details.




 Quality Bow Ties & Pocket Square


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