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We are slowly creating an exclusive bow tie collection which will be of similar size to our beautiful tie collection.


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Paisley Bow Ties For Worldwide Delivery

George Neale works hard for by making the EXCLUSIVE BOW TIES.

Our exclusive bow ties in paisley are at least 40% LESS when purchased at top department stores.

George Neale make expensive bow ties with vivid colors and powerful patterns like our exclusive bow ties in paisley.

George Neale offers these exclusive bow ties in paisley that are made with vibrant colors and intricate patterns. We are constantly creating the best paisley bow ties that really get you NOTICED! for all the right reasons.

George Neale are creating one of the very best bow tie stores online. We want to have a collection of the very best bow ties online. We work hard to offer the finest bow ties for business men that really like to be noticed for wearing the most exclusive bow ties in paisley.

George Neale keeps ideas fresh and limit the amount of exclusive bow ties per design that are available for sale worldwide as this will keep our tie brand more desirable. We hope to emulate the success of other top bow tie brands like Duchamp bow ties who make exclusive bow ties that are very expensive.

Plaid Bow Ties For Worldwide Delivery

George Neale have some of the best ties for men who really want to wear the finest quality designer apparel.

Our best plaid bow ties have attracted many fans because of its powerful colour which create a statement for your outfit.

George Neale have evolved and enhanced the best designs by including subtle use of patterns that give extra sleekness for our amazing bow ties in plaid.

Many of our best bow ties in plaid are made in limited numbers so as to retain their exclusivity. We have had very many positive emails regarding our upscale bow ties.

Among the best bow tie brands is Armani, this company is one of the finest in the world. They make expensive bow ties that are simply stunning. We offer our best bow ties and pocket sqaures which are with much more vivid colors and a more reasonable price.

George Neale offers the BEST BOW TIE COLLECTION online. We make the finest bow ties using the finest materials we can find. George Neale offers the best bow ties with at least a 40% DISCOUNT than in the high end department stores.




 Amazing Bow Ties & Pocket Square


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