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Bow ties are unique, but they do require a lot of confidence to wear. The general stereotype held by the public is that men who wear bow ties outside of a formal occasion are thought of as either pretentious, geeky or professorial. However this should not matter as it solely depends how you team it with your other garments and accessories. We would recommend trying this gold and blue plaid bow tie as th perfect starting off point for any new comers.

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I must admit that there is no way to subtly wear a bow tie. You should anticipate talking about it and expect everyone to notice. This should not discourage you but rather give you confidence. A bow tie worn correctly can present a nice and clean conservative look. They are also a great example of expressing your personal style and they exude confidence. If it fits your personality, it will look great because you’ll feel and act authentically. A striped design similar to this blue and red bow tie will help to create a professional look for any occasion.

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If you decide to take the leap into bow ties, you should wear it consistently and properly. There is no need to overhaul your necktie collection but rather try varying what neckwear you wear to the office to ease yourself into the new change. By doing this, it can help to promote self confidence as well as demonstrate a good knowledge of men’s fashion and style. This green and light blue paisley design is very popular thanks to the bold, vibrant colours. You will appreciate the high level of intricacy in this design when seen in person. The photo does not do it justice and is a must for any neckwear aficionado.

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If you are second guessing your decision to wear a bow tie then you’re probably not ready. Don’t feel afraid as it can daunting when making a change especially against the norm. Trying something new always takes time to feel comfortable. To overcome this, you should continue with the exact same presence you carry into any room and you’ll be fine. The subdued colours of this purple plaid design will present a simple, classic look to your attire without drawing too much attention to your new clothing piece.

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The bow tie you choose will end up saying a lot about your personality and your character. This might sound like a conservative approach but avoid novelties and stick to classic patterns such as stripes and plaids. The colours in this blue and beige bow tie are rich yet not vibrant enough to steal the show when out and about. People will instantly notice the herringbone stitching which creates that high quality look. The design sells well thanks to both the quality of silk and non-standard colour scheme associated with bow ties.

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A basic place to start is with some stripes, but once you’re comfortable with patterns, start experimenting with polka dots, paisley, or anything else. A bow tie is such a small piece of clothing that it’s acceptable for it to get loud. You wanted to stand out by wearing one, so embrace it. The above gold and black bow tie is well admired by customers as it is very hard to find patterns of the same calibre anywhere else excpt maybe drakes ties which is a small british company. However they are a lot more expensive than ours.

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